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01. Puzzled 1 - 6
02. Table Tennis - 6
03. Windows Expee - 6
04. Super MPCorp L... - 6
05. Stone Breaker - 6
06. Shootin' ... - 6
07. Miniclip Tetri... - 6
08. Mega Puzzle - 6
09. From My Room - 6
10. Estupidezz - 6
Most Popular
01. Linerider-Snow... - 210286
02. Nighthawk I - 17597
03. The worlds har... - 13744
04. Table Tennis - 13667
05. Organ-ise - 10973
06. 5 Miles To Go - 10104
07. Galactic Warri... - 9745
08. Forest Challen... - 9666
09. Frantic - 9655
10. X-Bound - 8996
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Keywords or Title:

Power Fox Power Fox

A baby fox going around blowing things up.
Cell Blaster Cell Blaster

A good shooting game. You have to shoot down other spac...
Galaxians Galaxians

A great arcade-style space shooter.
F16 Steel Fighter F16 Steel Fighter

A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!
The Professionals The Professionals

A moving target assault course, train yourself just lik...
Kung Fu Fighter Kung Fu Fighter

A nice kung fu fighting game.
Bleed Bleed

A portal is transporting demons into our world. Go on a...
Los Simpsons Los Simpsons

A shoot 'em up game featuring the Simpsons. Sh...
Shoot Fish Shoot Fish

Aim your harpoon and shoot it down to snag a fish and r...
Sniper Sniper

Aim your sniper rifle onto the terrorists in the buildi...
Putnik The Pumpkin Putnik The Pumpkin

All Halloween creatures have been cursed. Help Putnik t...
Capoeira Fighter Capoeira Fighter

An awesome game were you fight another man.
Heli Attack 2 Heli Attack 2

Attack the waves of enemy helicopters and blow them out...
Nun Gunner Nun Gunner

Blast the Nuns out of the sky as they invade your home ...
Office Paintball Office Paintball

Blast the office with your paintball gun.
WWII Soldier WWII Soldier

Blast through the trenches, shoot down the enemy Nazi t...
The Escape II The Escape II

Blast your way through enemies with your pistol. Reload...
SebShooter beta SebShooter beta

Blow sticks apart in the room shoot them as they pop up...
Thing Thing Thing Thing

Break out of prison in this fun shooter.
Invasion 2 Invasion 2

Build up your soldiers, archers and battering rams, upg...
Shootout II Shootout II

Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted ...
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt

Classic nintendo duckhunt game shoot down the ducks but...
Castle Cat 2 Castle Cat 2

Collect as many coins as possible without being run ove...
Stickman Sam Stickman Sam

Cool stickman shooter.
Zorro Tank Zorro Tank

Cool tank game with 2 modes.
Base Defense 2 Base Defense 2

Defend your base against enemy soldiers, tanks, robots,...
Mario Castle Shoot Mario Castle Shoot

Defend your castle by buying weapons and shooting anyth...
Art Of War Art Of War

Defend your outpost at all costs. Become the master of ...
Zombie Horde Zombie Horde

Defend yourself and the village citizens from the zombi...
Hulk Smashup Hulk Smashup

Destroy everything in sight. Climb up buildings and to...
Boss Monster: HD Boss Monster: HD

Destroy the pesky humans by blowing up their planes the...
Quick Draw Quick Draw

Draw before the other guy does so this town will have i...
2D Shootout 2D Shootout

Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot down the cow...
Spec Ops Spec Ops

Drop down into Iraq shoot down terrorists with your M-1...
Buddy In Space Buddy In Space

Fight through 9 levels with items and enemies.
Soakamon Soakamon

Fill up your water balloon with your own fluids and tos...
Naval Gun Naval Gun

Fire missiles and blow up the enemy submarines and plan...
Recoil Recoil

Fire your cannon, kick and fly to defeat robot dogs and...
Space Fighters Revolution Space Fighters Revolution

Fly a space ship and destroy all the asteroids, space m...
Reysteroids Reysteroids

Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields ...
Crimson Viper Crimson Viper

Fly in your space fighter craft and shoot down the enem...
Death Planet Death Planet

Fly through a canyon and blow up as many x-wings as pos...
Nimian Flyer Nimian Flyer

Fly through incredible landscapes as you chase genies o...
Universal War LC Universal War LC

Fly through space with escort fighter pilots, power up ...
Seraph Seraph

Fly through the levels, shoot down approaching enemies,...
Drak On Drak On

Fly through the skies, chase down airships, shoot flyin...
The Last Wave The Last Wave

Fly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains shoot dow...
Attack of Infections Attack of Infections

Fly your ship around the planet shooting down ugly stra...
Alien Invasion 2 Alien Invasion 2

Fly your space cruiser through the urban streets of thi...
Alien Terminator Alien Terminator

Fly your UFO around and shoot down the aliens using you...
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